How to Find a Positive Work-Life Balance as a Nurse

It’s no secret that nurses deal with intense stressors on a daily basis. From know-it-all physicians who question your experience to nervous patients and frantic families, it’s unsurprising that the work-life balance of nurses sometimes suffers. Here are some tips for finding a positive balance no matter what your work environment has in store.

Set Limits

Savvy nurses set limits in both their personal and professional life. From turning down a colleague who keeps asking you to switch schedules to requesting that your partner pick up some slack around the house, it’s often necessary to put limitations on your kindness. Additionally, you should feel free to set boundaries with patients. Just because you want to be the best nurse possible doesn’t mean you need to be at every patient’s beck and call!

Take Breaks

Nurses fulfill a key function in the medical setting, helping and reassuring patients at the most vulnerable times in their lives. Still, that doesn’t mean these staff members aren’t entitled to breaks. Take time off during the workday to eat a healthy lunch or hit the gym. Strive to relax and recharge after work as well. Some of the nurses’ favorite relaxation activities include yoga, meditation classes, and even just walking outside when the weather is nice.

Ask for Help

Even the most skilled nurses can’t achieve all their goals at work and at home without help. If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed at the hospital, don’t hesitate to ask a colleague or supervisor to help out. Feel free to request extra help now and then from your spouse at home too. Sometimes nurses need to sit back, relax, and let others take care of them.

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