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Frequently Asked Questions

Georgia Medical Staffing has a Provider and Client Relations Team that serves as the direct liaison
between the facility and the locum provider. This team is responsible for coordinating everything
needed to set up and complete an assignment, making the onboarding process simple for both parties.

Locum tenens jobs can range from just a few shifts to up to a year or more, depending
on the needs of the provider and the hiring hospital, medical practice, company, or other healthcare facilities.

Yes, you can. Working as a locum tenens physician lets you earn great compensation, pay down loans,
gain valuable experience, and enhance your CV.

Locum tenens jobs through Georgia Medical Staffing offer highly competitive pay
(often more than a typical permanent job) based on location and medical specialty.
Locum tenens physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are paid as independent
contractors on an every two-week basis at an agreed-upon rate.

Because locums are independent contractors, Georgia Medical Staffing does not withhold taxes
from paychecks. Working as an independent contractor may offer tax advantages, such as the ability
to deduct certain expenses and healthcare insurance premiums.  (Contact your tax advisor for
more information on working as an independent contractor.)

As independent contractors, locum tenens physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants
are typically not eligible for medical benefits. However, your health insurance premiums, along with
other expenses, may be deductible.

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