Are Short-Term Travel Nurse Contracts Right for You?

Maybe you’re a Registered Nurse who is starting to feel bored working at the same hospital day after day.
You love what you do, but you could really use a change of scenery.
Your lifestyle is pretty flexible, you enjoy traveling, and you have a desire to help wherever there is a need.

Short-term travel nurse contracts could be perfect for you.

This guide explains why travel nurses are so important, the major benefits of taking on short-term nursing assignments, and how you can get started with your travel nurse career today.

Short-term nursing assignments might not be for everyone.
Maybe you don’t do well being distanced from your friends and family for any length of time.
Maybe you get lonely or homesick.
Maybe the continual job searching is stressful and not as stable as you’d like to be.

But if you’re committed to taking on short-term travel nurse contracts, there are some big benefits that come along with the job.

Benefit #1: Shorter Assignments and Flexibility

If you like to travel and have flexibility in your schedule and your life, short-term travel nurse contracts might be right for you.
The short contract lengths allow you to work in different hospitals doing different types of care all of the time. You get to travel, see new places, and make new friends.
It’s also a flexible job because when one contract ends, you can take the time you want or need before seeking out another contract. Sometimes you have the option to extend your current contract, too.

Benefit #2: Great Pay

Being a travel nurse comes with great pay.
In normal situations, travel nurses can make around $3,000 per week. When there is a crisis, pay typically increases.

They also receive:

  • Travel and housing accommodations
  • Food stipend

If the demand is there, travel nurses can easily make over $100,000 per year.
Travel nurses also often have the ability to negotiate contracts so there is an increased potential to make more money with each new assignment.

Benefit #3: Travel More Often

Short-term travel nurse jobs allow you to see many different parts of the country or world.
If you love to travel, this is a great way to get paid to do it.
You can check out different parts of the world, learn what and where you like or don’t like, and spend your free time exploring your new areas.