5 Tips to Making Taking on New Assignments Easier

Being a travel nurse is not always easy, but we talked to some of our experienced travel nurses to provide you with some tips that can help make taking on new assignments easier.

  1. Keep an Open Mind  When you go into a hospital, you are there for a reason;; however, every facility has its own policies and procedures. IT’s okay to make suggestions instead of telling people what to do and include them in creating solutions.
  2. Be Yourself It’s important not to be someone you are not. However, let people get to know you before you decide to be too loud or boisterous.
  3. Patience is Key When you are on a new assignment, take a job that gives you a chance to get to know people. Once they have come to know you better, you can take on more challenging patients without ruffling any feathers.
  4. Don’t brag about your job It’s important not to rave about how amazing a travel nurse is when you are on the unit. Some of the nurses you may be working with have been there for a long time and have great pride in their longevity.
  5. Make Friends Start by asking questions to find common ground. Bring in baked goods. Bring in flavored coffee and creamers each week, just be nice. Little things can open the door for you.

Article from: https://mssmedicalstaffing.com/blog/travel-nursing-insights/five-tips-making-assignments-easy/